I work consciously at the intersection of the material and the experiential, critically aware of how embodiment affects the nature of experience, of the tensions but also correspondences between the concrete and the abstract, between form and meaning. I believe that historical events shape consciousness in ways that we can only imagine. My art emerges directly from my personal experience, marked by oppression and repetitive displacement. For me, therefore, the creative act is laden with metaphysical questions and philosophical developments. I continuously probe the relationship between the human being and nature, on the one hand, and man’s complex integration of history, on the other hand. A tension between stability and dis-continuity continuously defines my vision of artistic expression and my perception of the role of art.
In my ceramic sculptures I often return to decorativism only to try to subvert it, to see if it could be brought against the very notion of cultural tradition, forced to create permanent histories from unfinished thoughts, from fleeting emotions, from emerging behaviours. In my most recent works I try to understand how the creations of the mind – objects but also thoughts, ideas, compulsions and all that makes us human, including the transcendental impulse – redefine how we understand our biology and the ways in which they are, in turn, shaped by it.

In the sense that each of my works speaks to a specific aspect of the embodied experience, and from a highly personal perspective, I hope that they make good, accommodating places for individual reflection, safe houses for productive meaning-making for those who engage with them.

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